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AMS is wanted to keep cool

On 17 May 2019, RWTH Aachen University presented the International Space Station (ISS) as science platform, the experiment Alpha Magnet Spectrometer…

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Decay of a Higgs-Particle Proven

At CERN the decay of a Higgs-particle was proven for the first time ever

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Seal of quality 2014/2015 awarded

ISATEC receives „Innovative through research“ quality seal

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ISATEC pursues its efforts to economize energy further

In 2010 ISATEC shifted its power supply to 100 % renewable energy. In 2011 we put a 30 kW solar collector on our heritage building. With its…

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Initial successes in the search for antimatter

With significant participation of researchers from Aachen the AMS experiment (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) has achieved initial successes in proving…

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ISATEC develops new E-Motor for hybrid utility vehicles

Hybrid technology is a future-oriented design in drive engineering. Existing industrial electric motors and systems used in hybrid vehicles do not…

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