Sustainable energy supply for the Einstein telescope

AGIT hands over ET2SMEs innovation voucher to ISATEC to investigate the technology for a sustainable energy supply of the Einstein Telescope (ET)

ISATEC received one of the prestigious innovation vouchers worth 50.000€ on 12.1.2023, which ISATEC shares with the Belgian project partner YPTF Engineering. Under the title "Green Energy Supply for the Einstein Telescope", ISATEC is working with YTPF Engineering on the development of a modeling framework for a safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable energy supply, which will be applied to the Einstein Telescope for the first time. The simulation environment will be designed in such a way that it can be transferred to comparable energy systems in other application areas.

Renewable energies are currently on everyone's lips, but many questions remain unanswered by the public: "Where is the electricity supposed to come from without fossil power plants if the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow?" or "Isn't the production of hydrogen from renewable energies much too expensive?" Such questions can be answered with the numerical modeling framework developed in this project. With the help of this framework, models of real energy systems will be created. These systems can be individual houses, city districts or entire industrial plants. For the modeling, we gather economic and technical data for individual system components, but also for overall societal trends (e.g., development of electricity and gas prices over the next 20 years). These data enable ISATEC to calculate an optimized future energy system. Our results can be used to support decision-makers in politics, business or society. Often, there is not only one goal they pursue, but they have to balance competing interests, e.g. between costs, reliability and CO₂ emissions. With our modeling approach, we support decision-making even in complicated situations of conflicting interests by finding the optimal trade-off between cost aspects and user-friendly energy supply.

Photo ISATEC — Voucher handover at ISATEC (from left to right): R. Meyer (AGIT), E.A. Werner (ISATEC), M. Spiller (ISATEC), F. Tortorelli (YPTF), I. Neven (YPTF), P. Gier (AGIT) and M. Vannes (POM Limburg)