ISATEC Aachen – Development, design and optimisation

Creative solutions for mechanical components – sophisticated products from satellites and heart pumps to beer crates, for companies from start-ups to SMEs and corporate groups, for CERN, the Paralympics or Formula I racing boats. Our interdisciplinary team is a partner for industry and science, for computer-aided simulation, an expert in development and a consultant in matters of technology. We are excited to learn about your tasks.

About us

ISATEC GmbH has become established on the market as an independent engineering service provider with over 3,000 successful projects.

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ISATEC presents at the hydrogen trade fair Kreis Düren

ISATEC shows how hydrogen can be used for sustainable mobility and for the energy supply of buildings.

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Vision Hydrogen - Hydrogen for Locomotives

With Vision Hydrogen, ISATEC has shown that locomotives can be used in a completely practical way on non-electrified rail lines using hydrogen and…

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FlexSbus – Mobility in a new era

ISATEC is a development partner for the Flex S-Bus-LR

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