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Regional hydrogen production taking up speed

ISATEC has developed its own tool to evaluate and optimize power-to-gas plants under technical and economic aspects.

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The ISATEC Christmas Market 2021

At the end of the year, our Christmas party was celebrated in the open air. In search of what is feasible and finally happy that something is possible…

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Corona Vision 2021

Corona meant for most companies: Home office, video conferences and changes of the daily routine. We are therefore particularly proud and happy that…

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ISS – Astronauts assemble cooling system designed in Aachen

The installation of the more powerful cooling system for the physical experiment Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS on the International Space Station…

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AMS is wanted to keep cool

On 17 May 2019, RWTH Aachen University presented the International Space Station (ISS) as science platform, the experiment Alpha Magnet Spectrometer…

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Decay of a Higgs-Particle Proven

At CERN the decay of a Higgs-particle was proven for the first time ever

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