The ISATEC Christmas Market 2021

At the end of the year, our Christmas party was celebrated in the open air. In search of what is feasible and finally happy that something is possible again under Corona conditions with many employees and relatives, we have transformed our courtyard into a small but remarkable Christmas market "in the open air". Opportunities to sit down, drink warming drinks and eat spicy food, as well as a fireplace created a cozy winter ambiance.

Due to the changed work situations, which were adapted and lived with a lot of creativity in the last two years, the coming together with the whole team was something very special.

To ensure that also the gift unwrapping was not missed, everyone brought a homemade gift. Each was auctioned off individually among the employees, the profit collected and doubled again by ISATEC. Thus, a considerable donation was collected, which benefited a family in need, who had lost everything in the summer flood. ISATEC has already previously been involved with flood victims and has also provided support for Tiny Houses.

Thank you to everyone who was there, keeping our collegial cohesion alive and supporting us in this project.