FlexSbus – Mobility in a new era

ISATEC is a development partner for the Flex S-Bus-LR

With the FlexSbus, an idea of Professor Schindler from the Institute for Rail Vehicles and Transport Systems at the RWTH Aachen University takes concrete shape to offer a solution for future local public transport. The battery-electric vehicle can operate both with a driver and autonomously and is also highly versatile.


ISATEC is a development partner for system integration and the vehicle structure in this project funded by the BMWi. The vehicle is divided in two, so to speak, into a load-bearing platform with axles and all the technology such as axle drives, battery storage, brakes, safety technology, etc. The cabin is surface-mounted and interchangeable, allowing for other usage concepts. Further project partners are GFI, ISEA, Knorr Bremse, LBBZ und Schaeffler. At the end of the research project, a real vehicle will have been built and will be available for practical tests.


The FAZ has just dealt with this issue under the title „Anschluss Schienenbus“: