Regional hydrogen production taking up speed

ISATEC has developed its own tool to evaluate and optimize power-to-gas plants under technical and economic aspects.

Green hydrogen is building the bridge between the success of renewable energies and the decarbonization of the industry and energy sectors. This is why the political goal of expanding the production and use of green hydrogen is being pursued at national and EU level. In order to achieve the set climate targets, green hydrogen is expected to play a central role in the mobility, energy and industrial sectors. In addition to the technical aspects, the economically efficient implementation is crucial to successfully link and further expand existing capacities for sustainable power generation through wind and solar with electrolysis for the production of ultra-pure hydrogen.

The planning tool ISA-HyPLAN developed by ISATEC takes into consideration the entire system of electricity and hydrogen generation (power-to-gas plants), incl. the requirements for the planned use, enabling both economic and technical optimization. The flexibility of ISA-HyPLAN allows for defining customized system solutions for hydrogen production with decentralized power generation from renewable energies. This results in the opportunity, for example, to continue to operate depreciated wind power plants economically. The layout of a plant consisting of wind power, PV & electrolyzers was supported with our tool in the Aachen region as well.

More information about our ISA-HyPLAN tool