Kart Racing: Qualification for European Championship

BR-Racing (Bram Cremers, Roy van Voorden), the official company team of TECNO Kartracing Italy, qualified for the European Championship in the KF2 class in Genk. Driver Kenny Vermeylen took second place in the overall standings thanks to his consistently good performance, and finished the qualification for the EC championship on the winner’s podium! 

For Roy van Voorden, in “real life” project head at ISATEC GmbH, this was the motivation to get even more performance out of the existing material. The chassis is currently being optimized using the finite element method. Additionally, a hybrid baring for the rear axle support is being developed in a joint project with the company CEROBEAR; the aim is to reduce rolling friction, while above all increasing stability. 

The bearing is compatible with conventional bearings and can be installed on existing karts. ISATEC is also currently developing a special bearing housing to fine-tune the wheelbase. The target is to deploy this new technology at the European Championship in Essay, and hopefully to take it to first place