ISS – Astronauts assemble cooling system designed in Aachen

The installation of the more powerful cooling system for the physical experiment Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS on the International Space Station ISS started successfully on Nov.15, 2019 with an extra-vehicular activity of the astronauts!

On Nov.15, 2019 it got exciting: The installation of the more powerful cooling system at the AMS experiment on the ISS has started. The work was carried out by two astronauts in a six-hour extra-vehicular activity (Spacewalk 59). The spacewalks have been prepared in months of work and were meticulously planned in their course. In the mission broadcast live by NASA, the difficulties under these extreme conditions were well understood. The image originates from the helmet camera of the astronaut Luca Parmitano, who is using a tool specially designed for space applications to remove the screws.

The extra-vehicular activity was successfully completed and first steps of the planned second spacewalk were already brought forward.  The other three planned spacewalks will take place at short intervals; further information on this:

Part of the design works and calculations necessary for the development were successfully carried out by ISATEC on behalf of RWTH Aachen University. The result: a compact module with a refill pressure vessel, pumps, a heat exchanger, sensors and electronics.

The team of ISATEC wishes much success with the further installation work!