ISATEC pursues its efforts to economize energy further

In 2010 ISATEC shifted its power supply to 100 % renewable energy. In 2011 we put a 30 kW solar collector on our heritage building. With its innovative and flat construction the panel is not only aesthetically pleasing but also delivers extraordinary profits.

The new Opel Ampera is a nice addition to ISATEC's consistent energy policy. Combine the practical range extended electric vehicle with the in-house solar collector - Ampera's soon-to-be electric charging station - and you'll see that ISATEC takes the next step in becoming an energy self-sufficient company. We at ISATEC use these investments to improve and develop further the energy efficiency of our own products. So has an idea to mount the solar collector been adopted by the panels manufacturer.

Our motto "Ideas in Motion" uses the Ampera as eyecatcher and motivation factor for Aachen's automotive scene. The new car made its first appearance at the CAR e.V.'s ccc drivetrain workshop where Dr. E. A. Werner proudly presented ISATEC's new family member.