ISATEC: Committed to Electric Machine Development

A combustion engine/electric motor hybrid: two hearts beating as one, optimally complementing each other. The combustion engine is without peer over long distances, but emits noise and pollutants. The electric motor is exhaust-free and virtually silent, but has only a limited range. 

The idea of hybrid technology: to link the advantages and compensate the disadvantages of the two drives. Through hybridization, for example, braking energy is reclaimed and used for acceleration – an exciting technology e.g. for railroads, enabling trains to leave stations silently and with low emissions, or be equipped with smaller combustion engines to augment the electric motor.

The space for integrating hybrid technology in vehicles is limited, however, so that the additional electric motor necessary for recovery often can only be mounted on the drive shaft itself (parallel hybrid). ISATEC is working on high-powered electric drives of several hundred 100 kW!