AMS is wanted to keep cool

On 17 May 2019, RWTH Aachen University presented the International Space Station (ISS) as science platform, the experiment Alpha Magnet Spectrometer (AMS) and the installation of a new, more efficient cooling system for the AMS.

The cooling system of the AMS installed on the ISS was designed for the originally planned operating time of the ISS. A replacement system has now been developed to ensure that the spectrometer can also be cooled for the extended operating life.
A part of the design work and calculations necessary for the development was carried out by ISATEC on behalf of RWTH Aachen University. The result: a compact module weighing 200 kg with a refill pressure vessel, pumps, a heat exchanger, sensors and electronics. The certification of the pressure vessel was also successfully accompanied by ISATEC. After completion of the flight module tests, the new cooling system is now ready for installation on the ISS. The astronauts, who will carry out the necessary 'plumbing work' in several space walks, have now come to Aachen to get familiar with the new cooling system. In order to be able to carry out this mission, the necessary work steps are planned meticulously and tested under the most realistic space conditions possible with specially developed tools. On 17 May 2019 the astronauts explained various aspects of this difficult mission planned for the winter of 2019/2020 at the very well attended RWTH event and expressed their confidence about the success.
The ISATEC team expresses best wishes for a successful mission.