Space Experiment AMS

For many years, ISATEC has been developing various detectors for internationally cooperating research groups in the field of high-energy physics: from the researchers' initial idea to feasibility and engineering/structural realisation. To this end, highly specialised constructions based on aluminium, titanium, high-modulus carbon fibres and special materials are used.

After only 2.5 years of development and design including all safety checks, the initial design by ISATEC impressively demonstrated the desired high precision and load-bearing capacity to NASA during a 10-day shuttle flight (STS91, 1998).

In 2010, the experiment was converted for several years of stationary use on the International Space Station ISS and expanded with additional detectors (AMS2). Naturally, ISATEC will remain an internationally valued partner.

Work was carried out by ISATEC in cooperation with the I. Institute of Physics (IA) at RWTH Aachen University.