Milling machine/machining centre

Our most extensive design success to date: the development of a high-speed profile milling machine with a total of more than 12,000 parts and four high-speed shafts arranged in parallel – optimising cycle times up to the first tool change. The machine is used to produce special individual parts for aircraft construction from extruded aluminium profiles. Based on components from proven portal systems, this machine and its base had to be integrated into the hall floor.

All moving components are positioned without contact using magnetic linear drives. This facilitates positioning accurate down to µ – despite higher dynamics compared to conventional propulsion. Four high-speed shafts arranged in parallel shorten cycle times up to the first tool change. The result: a considerable increase in performance.

In addition to intensive design work, ISATEC also performed all calculations/simulations with regard to machine stiffness (accuracy) and dynamic behaviour during acceleration and braking processes.

Despite the complex requirements, the machine was put into operation on schedule. Our success: Previously obtained calculation results are confirmed again and again.