Crash absorber

ISATEC developed crash absorbers for Formula-1 racing boats as part of the safety cockpit campaign of the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique). This system protects drivers in collisions – particularly in side collisions (T-bone impact). Introduced in early 2007, these safety cockpits developed by ISATEC have since been mandatory for all Formula-1 racing boats.

Their absorbers convert the kinetic energy of the impact into deformation energy on the inner components. They wrap around the cockpit from the bow tip all the way behind the driver's seat and extend from the boat deck to below the cockpit window. Various aerodynamic modifications are permitted in compliance with the standard values.

ISATEC is clearly in pole position here, as we were commissioned by the UIM to carry out the complete inspection in a dynamic test rig at RWTH Aachen University. And there’s more: ISATEC was involved in the development of UIM's proprietary standards for test specimens and tools, which facilitate testing under the same conditions worldwide.