ISATEC Technical partner to the Ecurie Aix team

Since the 2008 season, ISATEC has served as a partner to the Ecurie AIX team at the RWTH Aachen University (Technical College of the Rhine-Westphalia Region in Aachen). The students on the team compete with those of other universities every year – in small racing cars at international racing events. According to the rules, each team must start each season with a vehicle equipped with at least some new components.

The team from Aachen develops and builds the cars themselves. The process involves a wide range of activities – from engineering tasks (engine, transmission, chassis, electrical systems, etc.) to budgeting, product data management and public relations.

In close cooperation with the students, we optimize vehicle components with the aid of finite-element tools. The highlight of our activities thus far is the concept for a new fibre composite front-end crash absorber. The new absorber will be ready to replace the present aluminium honeycomb next season. We’re looking forward to that!

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