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Mobility (Rail/Marine/Road/OffHighway)

Our activities in the area of mobile applications and drives are rapidly growing beyond just calculation and optimization of high-load motor components to encompass complete drive systems and such leading-edge technologies as hydrogen-based drives and diesel-electric hybrids

We are designing entire drive units using client-specific components (engine, transmission, radiator…) so as to fit defined compartments, and overseeing them until the start of series production. These types of drive units, called PowerPacks (MTU), are deployed in numerous local trains, speedboats and large earth-moving and construction vehicles. 


Recently, development has focused particularly on special forms with dedicated, continuous transmissions or combinations with electric motors as parallel hybrids. On-board power supplies for so-called serial hybrids are also under development. 

Using computational fluid dynamics(CFD), it is possible to model both compressible and non-compressible media, single and multiple-material flows, flows with heat transfer, laminar and turbulent models as well as highly dynamic situations with changing parameters. Currently, a range of air flows on vehicles are being calculated in order to ensure an optimum flow to radiators, and thus optimum cooling performance at all times.