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Plant equipment

ISATEC plans, designs and optimizes hydraulic presses and press systems, e.g. for the stone industry, ceramics industry or interior fittings. Key criterion: focus on the vibration resistance and acceleration rates of machines. 


One major success of ISATEC in the plant equipment sector: the development of a high-speed profilemilling machine for use in aircraft construction, comprising over 12,000 parts and four high-speed spindles arranged in parallel – to optimize cycle times until the first tool change. 


In the area of plastics-working, we optimize large-scale production plants for polymers on behalf of e.g. major chemical companies. In particular, the design must take into account the torques of multiple mixing shafts of a kneader, large forces, thermal stresses and specific steel properties. 


ISATEC also has experience in the conception and design of crushing plants, which need to develop enormous grinding pressures for crushing cement or concrete. Other design jobs include silos and bioreactors with specific requirements for mixing or separating properties, and stranding machines for electrical cables or steel ropes under extremely high loads. 


We utilize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to realize large fans and blowers with a drive power of at least one megawatt. This technique enables us to analyze an extremely broad variety of flow models.