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Simulation: Gearbox development

With the aid of simulation techniques, the properties of a product can be identified in a very early phase of the project. The use of professional simulation software ensures optimum results in this context. Transmissions are used in a wide range of applications to convert mechanical output. This is true in the case of actuator/positioning transmissions as well as for stationary and mobile transmissions in machines and vehicles. ISATEC’s achievements in this field consist primarily in increased torque (load capacity), greater precision (noise reduction) and the replacement of expensive materials (plastic instead of metal). 


A new challenge: We are currently working on the simulation of vehicle conditions and the integration of different drive systems (hybrid drives) in the field of mobile drive technology. In order to simulate complex relationships, driving conditions and operating strategies as realistically as possible, we use the proven Matlab/Simulink software. Partner companies handle the task of integrating the requisite electrical components