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Production technology: heart pump control unit

When we develop products for you, it may be advantageous not only to perform simulations and computation but also to develop a prototype. Such prototypes may be used to assess variations in design, handling, assembly operations or wiring and piping systems, etc. On the basis of our 3D-CAD design, we can realize prototypes in near-serial quality at reasonable prices. 

One of our prize-winning projects was devoted to the development of a heart pump control unit in close collaboration with a well-known manufacturer of heart pumps. The project was a great success: Thanks to the highly effective combination of housing material, production and assembly methods, cost-control and ergonometric configuration, the unit was awarded the FSK Innovation Prize for 2002!

That was reason enough to commit to further development, and so we introduced a new generation of control units this year. Added-value features include a variable/adaptable touch screen interface and more powerful rechargeable batteries for emergency and offline operation. The entire unit is now configured on the basis of an industrial PC.  

The most outstanding feature is an additional glucose pump with a reserve tank. This permits glucose to be metered to the heart pump (in the ventricle) through an ultra-thin tube. A compact system that can even be operated offline. The design specifications and engineering details were realized in the Pro/Engineer 3D-CAD system.