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Material selection (fibre composite): carbon pressure tank

The ISATEC engineers have acquired extensive know-how in the computation and optimization of fibre composite components. Our computation models, such as the ISAWIND © system developed in-house, facilitate detailed optimization of each individual layer, concrete production specifications and precise estimates of maximum load capacities. The result: optimally designed constructions appropriate for force flux. 


Since the early 1990s, ISATEC GmbH has been involved in the development and dimensioning of safe, reliable gas-storage pressure tanks made of carbon-fibre composite. Due to their relatively light weight as compared to steel tanks of the same size, these units are used primarily for mobile applications. 

Due to the complicated laminate structure, the process of designing the carbon pressure tank poses certain difficulties. The production technology must also be taken into consideration. In view of the limits imposed by conventional simulation tools, we developed the ISAWIND © system. ISAWIND not only enables engineers to determine the appropriate computation principle, it also compiles production data for the winding machine in combination with a second tool. The advantage is a consistent data basis – from computation to production. 


Following successful participation in the H2 700 project in North Rhine-Westphalia, ISATEC has been involved in the design and dimensioning of high-pressure hydrogen tanks. These tanks are used primarily in new systems developed for fuel-cell vehicles.