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Engineering design: the perfect basis for your product

Engineering design follows the concept of feasibility – visualized with state-of-the-art 3D-CAD software, of course, for only this approach offers you a comprehensive model structure. From penetration tests to constructed space and motion analyses, specifically adapted tests serve us as the foundation for efficient realization, including the final production process. That includes complex component groups and assembly drawings, sheet metal designs and parts lists. Customer–specific standards, drawing layouts and design guidelines can be integrated on request. 

One example of successful realization based on 3D engineering design is the range of power packs for railway vehicles developed by ISATEC GmbH. Power packs are compact, self-contained, easily replaceable drive units integrated into the undercarriages of many trains used in public transportation systems. The packages developed by ISATEC are optimally adapted to the spatial conditions and technical requirements of the specific railway vehicle. 

The components are linked by an individualized carrier frame. In addition to the major systems, such as the engine, the transmission and the cooling system, numerous other components must also be incorporated into the whole. These include hydraulic systems, on-board power generators, air-conditioning compressors, heating systems, tanks, fire-extinguishing systems, numerous lines and cables as well as cable trees. 


A true highlight: Our pioneering hybrid power pack principle was presented at the InnoTrans 2008.