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What we can do for you – our fields of expertise

The optimization of individual components is an indispensable prerequisite for achieving the performance features of your products and the efficiency you need in production. You have the job – we have the right ideas about how to get it done. 

ISATEC GmbH engineers, analyzes and optimizes system and machine components for a broad spectrum of applications. We are always in tune with the times, open to new challenges and well-known for our ability to develop the right solutions for complicated problems. Whether air conditioners strong enough to take the North African heat or railroad bodies – regardless of the discipline or industrial sector involved. 

From new product development to product optimization – we respond to your specific requirements in the following areas: 

• Component concept development 

• Selection of suitable production methods and materials

• 3D-CAD component assembly design 

• Finite element computation and stress assessment 

• Visualization, VR technologies 

• Conduct of trials and experiments 

• Complete product development 

Our program of services encompasses the identification and evaluation of suitable production plants as well as the preparation of production documentation and the supervision of serial production. Our goal is to develop products for our customers – cost-effective solutions with superior properties made available as quickly as possible.