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Technical equipment

Our technical equipment has progressed continuously in step with customer requirements. We now work with numerous modern workstations – from CAD stations to high-tech computing systems to a variety of servers, including units with integrated platforms for use in the secure exchange of data with our customers. Today we are fully capable of developing, visualizing and realizing highly complex structures. 

We use the following 3D-CAD systems in engineering design:

Solid Works
Unigraphics NX

The following systems are employed for purposes of visualization:

eDrawing3-D-Data Conversation Program
NetviewerNet Meeting Program
 various graphics editing tools

We use the following programs in

FE computation:

ANSYSGeneral Finite Element Softwaresystem
AbaqusGeneral Finite Element Softwaresystem (in prep.)
PAMCrashCrash Simulation Program
HyperMeshMesh Generating Software
ISAWind*Filament Winding Simulation

We work with the following tools in the performance of component testing andlong-term strength computations:

ISASEP*Fatigue Life Calculation for complex FE-Structures
ISACAEP*Fatigue Life Calculation for great welded Structures
RifestPlusFKM Guideline for Fatigue Life Calculation
KISSsoftGear components, Bolts, Screws etc.

Key peripheral components include our own 3-axis CNC milling machine and a tension-compression testing unit. Our most recent achievement: introduction of Team Centre. The PDM system is employed in the organization of CAD designs. From the administration of internal and external data, component nomenclature (customers) and integrated processing and release approval modes to the compilation of parts lists and the visualization of technical documentation, the PDM system visualizes the customer’s entire product world – with the added benefit of transparency, for the system enables our customers to participate in the ISATEC workflow at all times. 


*developed by ISATEC