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Know-how acquired over many years and good ideas – perfectly combined

When experienced, dedicated employees apply the full breadth of their know-how to the development of ideas to meet their objectives, the outcome is bound to be creative. Founded in 1990 by Dr.-Ing. E.A. Werner, ISATEC GmbH has established itself in the market as an independent engineering service provider with steadily growing success. In more than twenty years of work and more than 2,000 projects, we have succeeded in combining our rich fund of experience with a wealth of ideas. And thus our “creative forge” has become a guarantor of unusual high-tech solutions for every aspect of your needs. 

Although we are not reaching for the stars, we develop detectors to measure the smallest cosmic particles in space – or optimize the mechanism of your nasal spray. Practically anything is possible thanks to the synergy effects achieved through interaction involving a wide range of disciplines, such as material engineering, mechatronics, sensor technology, etc. 

Decades of project experience acquired by ISATEC GmbH ensure you … 

  • … a reliable cost/benefits projection in advance of your project 
  • … timely performance of even the most unusual and complex tasks
  • … sound know-how 
  • … goal-oriented development, reliable products, shorter prototype phases, improved production technologies and      minimized product costs
  • … a flexible response to your needs – in activities requiring long-term planning or in operations in which time is critical
  • ... an unbiased approach to your project 
  • … and above all a sustainable business relationship based on trust.