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Highlights of corporate history – a brief review

Every company’s history is marked by milestones – successful achievements or major turning points. Take a walk with us through our history as we look back with pride on the various highlights of the past twenty years. 


ISATEC GmbH is founded by Dr.-Ing. E. A. Werner 


Winter 1995: We participate in a space-flight project initiated by CERN. The goal of the project is the integration of mechanical and electronic systems in a satellite. 


A crucial year for ISATEC GmbH, marked by the introduction of a highly acclaimed 3D-CAD system. What has been accomplished before through pure computation can now be designed and visualized – adding a new dimension to our scope of services! 


Following proof of safety, a design developed by ISATEC flew as part of the scientific package of a 10-day Space Shuttle mission (STS91), the culmination of a development period of just two and a half years. 


Our staff has grown progressively to the point that we now need additional office space. The move to the historical soap factory is resolved. Just two years later, we expand to three floors with over 1,000 square meters of usable space. 


Innovation prize of the German plastics industry in association with the plastics specialists Impella and Unnapur. 


The first power pack designed by ISATEC is completed and presented and the InnoTrans 2002 after only seven months of development and construction time. 


Certification according to DIN 6700, today: DIN / EN 15085 


Products developed by ISATEC are worth their weight in gold! That is demonstrated by the three gold medals won by German track and field athlete Wojtek Czyz at the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. He benefits from the adapter for his spring and long-jump prostheses optimized by ISATEC. 


Development and commissioning of a detector used to measure particles in the particle accelerator at CERN. 2008

Direct integration in clients’ development environments via Intralink.


Successful implementation of the PDM system Teamcenter for data management in development.